Day to Day

The day to day requirements of a Cocker Spaniel are relatively low. Mainly, a little food, a little water, a little exercise and lots of love!

Cocker Spaniels love their food. But an obese Cocker Spaniel is likely to live a shorter life. Give your Cocker Spaniel only the food manufacturer’s daily recommended amount.

A daily brush, although not absolutely necessary, will certainly benefit your Cocker Spaniel. For more information on Cocker Spaniel grooming, see our recommended grooming information here: Cocker Spaniel Grooming.

For details on Cocker Spaniel exercise requirements, read our more detailed information here: Cocker Spaniel Exercise.

For further help with the day to day requirements of your Cocker Spaniel, we can highly recommend Cocker Spaniel (Collins Dog Owners Guides) by Lesley Scott-Ordish.