Surprisingly for a dog developed to be a working dog, the Cocker Spaniel is relatively ambivalent when it comes to exercise. They will take as much or as little exercise as is offered them.

While the Cocker Spaniel will undoubtedly be better with a reasonable amount of exercise, most Cocker Spaniels will be more than happy with a good daily walk (say 30 minutes to an hour). The rest of their exercise requirements will come from play.

Not withstanding the above, it is important that you give your Cocker Spaniel at least some daily exercise. It is equally important that you do not overfeed him as an overweight Cocker Spaniel will not be a healthy one. Cocker Spaniels love their food, but as with us all, food intake has to be balanced against exercise taken otherwise the result will be an obese, less active and less healthy Cocker Spaniel.

For further help with the exercise needs of your Cocker Spaniel, we can highly recommend Cocker Spaniel (Collins Dog Owners Guides) by Lesley Scott-Ordish.