Cocker Spaniels are not difficult to train, but as with all dogs, Cocker Spaniels do need training to ensure that they do not become over-possessive over toys, food and people. The Cocker also needs to be made fully aware that he or she is the dog and not the master!

Importantly, remember that you and your family are the only ones who can ever teach your Cocker Spaniel what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. It does not know and will never know if you do not teach it. And don’t think that training your Cocker Spaniel can wait until it is older. It cannot. Teaching your Cocker Spaniel right from wrong and good from bad has to begin from day one. Your Cocker Spaniel will be a much happier dog if it understands that it has to abide by your rules, not his!

If you need help with training your Cocker Spaniel, there are bound to be dog training classes in your area. There are also many excellent books available on the subject. One we can highly recommend is Cocker Spaniel (Collins Dog Owners Guides) by Lesley Scott-Ordish.